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“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.”


     One of the greatest forces creating our human world is, of course, parenting, which has the power to nurture or wound our very humanity.  But raising children isn’t easy, and men in particular are facing challenges as they become more fully-committed to domestic life.  Glad to Be Dad is about the actual lives of fathers, mothers, and families today, exploring the demands and great rewards of finding your deeper, truer self as a father, a husband, and a man.  But, like family life itself, the book is also full of humor and wonderful surprises, taking a realistic but warm-hearted view of this most crucial of our life-roles.  And it’s for wives as well as husbands!  WINNER OF THE INAUGURAL BEN FRANKLIN DIGITAL AWARD FROM THE IBPA!

“I read your essay with pleasure...”

   --David Remnick, Ed.-in-Chief, The New Yorker,

  on the chapter “Lost Children”

“Your book overwhelmed me.  I’ve spent the best

part of the last two days reading it in its entirety...

a piece that makes me laugh and cry and that teaches me something is excellent in my view...”

          --Mary Dossin, Plattsburgh State University

“I love it! write so openly and warmly.  I

get the feeling that you are speaking to me over

coffee in your kitchen...As a bride-to-be, your

book made me feel as though I was receiving a

stolen glimpse into...raising are

giving the gift of acceptance and realization to countless...fathers...”

           --Jessica Fauchier, Sacramento, CA

Glad to Be Dad:  A Call to Fatherhood

                               by Tim J. Myers

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